The Pinnacle Value Fund
A Series of Bertolet Capital Trust
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 Broadview Heights, OH 44147
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Frequently asked questions about PVFIX

What makes the Pinnacle Value Fund different from other funds?
1. Focus on a specific asset class: US small and micro-cap value.
2. No style drift or market cap creep.
3. Concentration in high conviction ideas.
4. Disciplined research process with first hand due diligence.
5. Boutique Fund- only Fund managed by advisor, no SMAs.
6. Advisor, family & trustees have substantial investments.
7. Low turnover to minimize taxes & transaction costs.  

What securities does the Fund own?
Please see our latest Annual or Semi-annual Report. Portfolio holdings are subject to change.

Any sales charges/fees for buying or redeeming Fund shares?
The Fund imposes no sales charges, 12b-1 fees or loads. A 1% redemption fee is withheld on shares sold within one year of purchase. This fee is held by the Fund for the benefit of the remaining shareholders. The Fund is not suitable for traders.

How long has the Fund been around?
The Fund’s inception date is April 1, 2003.

What are the initial and subsequent investment minimums?
Initial investment minimum: $2,500, for IRAs: $1,500
Subsequent investment minimum: $100 including IRAs

May I hold Fund shares in an IRA?
Yes, Fund shares may be held in a traditional or Roth IRA. The Fund also accepts rollovers of pension or profit sharing plan distributions.

Can investors in foreign countries invest in the Fund?
Yes, if they have a valid taxpayer ID number or if they complete a W-8BEN Form (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner).